Top 06 Jobs That Pay for College

Jobs That Pay for College

Employers understand that earning a college degree is an important step toward a fulfilling career, and most companies are willing to help their employees go to school. As the economy improves, employers are looking for candidates with new skills and experiences. The opportunity to earn additional education while still working can be the perfect combination for a company and a candidate.

With the increasing popularity of online courses and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), many universities are offering courses for free or low cost. This creates opportunities for employees to earn college credit or even better, a degree. 

How do jobs pay for college?

For some people, working part-time while attending university is an excellent way to pay off college debt and gain experience in a company that they want to work for after graduation.

This also provides an opportunity for students to receive job experience, which makes their job prospects better once they graduate.

Some companies provide tuition assistance, while others reimburse tuition costs for employees and others may even pay for the entire cost of your degree or courses.

What Are Cooperative Education Programs? A cooperative education program can be defined as an educational experience that combines work and school. In this context, it is a program in which the student works in a job or business, while simultaneously earning academic credits, at least a high school diploma or equivalent. The program gives the student an opportunity to develop skills that will allow the student to succeed in the world of work and college after graduation.

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6 Best Jobs that pay for college

In an effort to better understand and attract new graduates, many companies now offer tuition and education assistance to their workforce. Sometimes the incentives are modest like a free laptop, but often times they are more substantial, like financial assistance to attend school.

1. Flight attendant

This job can help students pay for their education. As a flight attendant, you are responsible for getting passengers to their destination safely. You’ll be responsible for the safety and comfort of the passengers and their luggage. In addition, you’ll keep your fellow passengers entertained and comfortable. And, in some cases, you’ll even get to use your creative skills. The average salary for a flight attendant is $18.72/hour, but depending on where you live, you could earn more.

2. Customer Service Officer

College students who want to earn money during their studies should be open to new and varied opportunities. As an example, the customer service officer position at a local grocery store can be a great entry point into the retail industry. Many retail stores are always looking for qualified customer service employees who can be on call and ready to take over when necessary. The person in this position is responsible for greeting customers, answering phone calls from customers, and handling any issues that may arise.

3. Supply chain manager

If you’re looking for a job that pays well and allows you to advance your career, consider applying for a position at a manufacturing company. This career path can help you build the skills and experience that will make you a valuable asset at any firm. You’ll learn a lot about the workings of a company and gain insight into the logistics of bringing products to market. The benefits of this job include the ability to earn $60,000 or more per year.

4. UX designer

The title is pretty self-explanatory. This is a job where you can make a lot of money while you’re still in college. It’s also a great way to get a head start on your career. You can earn up to $50,000 in your first year, while working on your bachelor’s degree. And, don’t forget, you’ll get a good amount of experience on the job. Most college students have never designed websites before, so getting experience while doing something you enjoy is a great way to start off your career.

5. Information technology specialist

An information technology specialist’s job is to ensure that all aspects of the organization’s IT functions run efficiently and in compliance with established policies. An information technology specialist ensures that IT infrastructure and network components are in good working order and that the company’s business processes operate smoothly. The technology specialist is also responsible for ensuring the security of data and the confidentiality of communications.

6. Barista

The typical barista salary is about $14 per hour, and the top-end average is about $20 per hour. There are some barista jobs that pay significantly more than the national average, and there are also barista positions that offer very little compensation. Still, barista work can be a good place to get started in the field of customer service and customer relations.

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